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De La Heart
De-Stressing Bath Soak

De La Heart

Heal the Body & Quiet the Mind. 

Heal the Body & Quiet the Mind. 

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Consciously curated ingredients support you to open your heart to life and take on the world healthier, lighter, and in a higher vibration. French Grey Sea Salt mineralizes the body, lavender buds create a peaceful aroma, and dried rose petals were added to this soak to enhance its heart-opening energy. Coconut, a master healing superfood, creates a luxurious feeling of an "at-home spa experience" while also softening the skin during the bath ritual. Enjoy this soak post-workout to help with recovery or simply for the times where you are seeking a moment of "me" time.


Cocos Nucifera, French Grey Sea Salt, Magnesium Chloride, Lavandula Angustifolia, Dried Lavender & Rose Buds.


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