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Skincare Kit to Relieve Stress

Sunday Scaries? We don't know Her.

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Custom Curated Kit to help you de-stress + glow.


1. De La heart Open Heart Bath Therapy 2. De La Heart Organic Coconut Shea Body Butter 3. SkinLocal Clay Mint Masque 4. SkinLocal Youth Serum 5. SkinLocal Signature Candle 6. Beautology Lab 24K Gold Collagen Eye Masks


Light your signature scent candle, apply your clay mint masque and indulge in a warm bath with De La Heart's Open Heart Bath Therapy. Once you are done with your bath and have rinsed off your masque, it is time to hydrate! Nourish your body by applying De La Heart's Organic Coconut Shea Body Butter, give yourself a glow with SkinLocal's Youth Serum, and de-puff + brighten the under- eyes with Beautology Lab's 24K Gold Collagen Eye Masks.
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